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Is Lubrink the way forward for Inkjet printing?
Lubrink lubricated ink

The word 'Lubrink' is not currently listed in the dictionary, neither is there a Wiki-pedia page! So what is 'Lubrink'?

Lubrink is the new name for a slightly different type of inkjet printer ink. Lubrink is a play on the words Lubricated and Ink; containing mainly dye based printing ink but with a small percentage of added lubricant.

Why the need for lubrication in ink? If you have owned an inkjet printer in the past then more than likely you have had to dispose of one because of a blocked print head. Lubrink aims to reduce the amount of times this happens; helping to reduce landfill.

The manufacturers clearly state that Lubrink does not guarantee against a printer head blockage in the future; only that it will help guard against one from happening.

Sadly this product will not save every printer from an early death, but at least it may reduce the amount of unnecessary waste and disposal. We are told that the print quality is not affected by the added lubricant and as soon as we get a sample of the product we will test it in a common printer.

Lubrink will be keenly priced (only slightly more expensive than ordinary compatible ink), so if it works the small added investment could be worthwhile?

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