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Kodak Hero 7.1 All-In-One 3D Wi-Fi Printer Review

The Kodak Hero 7.1 joins the 5.1 and 9.1 in their new range of printers. The stylish Hero 7.1 comes with a matte black case and below the red stripe is a large 3.5 inch LCD touch screen monitor. The lower front near the paper tray is silver plastic and just above this houses a multi card reader.

Set-up is really easy; a step by step affair using the installation CD and the glossy LCD screen. The CD includes some interesting software including the Home Centre Application which allows you to create and print 3D pictures. Two pairs of 3D glasses are included in the box. The Home Centre Application also allows you to send print jobs from anywhere using a mobile device using Google or Kodak Cloud printing services.

The 2400dpi scanner (twice the resolution of the Hero 5.1) produces decent images and accurate colours. As a result copy quality is also good and fast. An A4 black and white sheet takes less than 30 seconds to complete!

Print speeds are a little disappointing with the exception of photo printing which is similar to its rivals. Printing black text and graphics is far too slow for a machine of this price. Fortunately print quality is impressive with precise text and colours.

The Kodak Hero 7.1 uses 2 Kodak Number 10 pigment cartridges, a black, and a larger five-colour cartridge. The disadvantage of using a combined colour cartridge is that when one colour is depleted, the whole cartridge requires replacement! If you are printing a document containing predominantly one particular colour, then print costs are increased considerably, shattering the illusion of Kodak being the cheapest printers to run. In fact we find their claims to lack substance when compared to various other combinations of printers and inks. All the advertising in the World will not change our opinion on this subject!

A nice feature is Smart Sensor technology which checks to see what type of paper is loaded and adjusts settings accordingly. Double sided printing is also included, together with a 200 sheet paper tray and 40 sheet photographic paper tray (not included with the 5.1 model).

Our overall impressions of this printer are good, but slow printing of documents and the higher than advertised cost of printing let's the side down; cartridges cannot be refilled due to a smart-chip. We are also conscious of the short life span of older models due to blocked heads which may have contributed to land fill in the absence of correct recycling.

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