Great Printers (Highly Recommended)

To be Great: The printer should offer best performance in all or most of the tasks it was designed to perform, and at the same time offering value for money and low running costs. Printers will be down-graded and excluded from being great rated if they use 'planned obsolescence' to significantly reduce the life of the printer.

The printers listed below have acheived a rating of 'Great' and have been short-listed for our 2011 Printer Awards.

Epson Stylus Office B1100
Epson Stylus Office B1100

Recently upgraded to Great status after additional tests and price reduction.

NEW Canon Pixma iP4950
Canon Pixma ip4950 Printer

Lacks in features, but t
his is the best budget photo printer available today!

Canon Pixma MG5250
Canon Pixma MG5250 Printer

A great all-rounder with similar performance to the iP4850, but adds multi-function features. Scanner a little weak.

Canon Pixma MG6150
Canon Pixma MG6150 Reviews

Model up from the MG5250 with similar great performance, added speed and features.

Canon Pixma MG6250
Canon Pixma MG6250 Reviews

Almost identical to the MG6150, the MG6250 carries on the torch for great picture quality and features.

Canon Pixma MG8150 / MG8250
Canon Pixma MG8150 MG8250

Both Pixma models stretch the boundaries of home printing at this low price point.

Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II
Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II Reviews

May be showing it's age and lacking in modern features but still produces stunning A3+ prints when set-up correctly. Slightly lucky to achieve 'Great' score though!

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