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Epson Stylus S22 Printer Review
Epson Stylus S22 Printer Review

The Epson Stylus S22 is a compact single function low height printer with a small footprint which supersedes the S20 and S21 models. It has a matt black finish with a slight shine. The on/off button is located on the front fascia alongside the ink out/low lights.

The Epson Stylus S22 is very easy to set up and you can be printing documents within minutes of removing it from the box. You slot the four cartridges (New Fox series of inks known as T1281-4 or T1285 mult-pack supplied) into their holders on the carriage. Load the rear paper tray which holds around eighty sheets A4 comfortably. Any more can cause a misfeed, including using thick card. Then plug a USB cable (not supplied) into the socket on the back of the machine going to your PC or Mac. Windows will then detect new hardware and search for the driver. Insert the CD Supplied and you are almost ready to print.

The Epson Stylus S22 is a simple printer designed to print documents, graphics and colour photographs to a reasonable standard; however print quality will not compete with other printer models.

The Epson Stylus S22 printer is solely designed for use with a PC or Mac. There are no memory card or USB inputs and no LCD screen. No wireless connectivity, so connection is through a USB cable.

Even if you already have a working printer, the S22 could make a valuable addition as a back-up option or a second printer for a child's room. It does however have its limitations and should not be compared with the likes of a Canon ip4850 as it does not offer top quality photographic printing.

This printer is not heavy duty and not built to last more than a couple of years, but it will provide a useful short to medium term paper outlet for your data. Before buying beware of the high running costs. You will find yourself frequently changing the cartridges if you are a moderate to frequent user.

Update: 15 November 2011
Both compatible and refillable cartridges are now available for this model which will reduce the running costs considerably. Fox T1281-T1284 and Apple T1291-T1294 compatible cartridges retail at around £15 per set and refillable cartridges with auto reset chips fitted (arc) come in at around £20 per set. Standard compatible bulk ink for Epson printers can be used to refill the special cartridges, but we would recommend a premium quality brand.

Update: 22 November 2011
Epson printers can get blocked nozzles in the print head causing poor quality print quality and missing colours. The S22 is not exempt from these types of problems. Fortunately 70% of blockages can be cleared using cleaning solution, and the best way to deliver the cleaner through the printer nozzles and print head is by using special compatible cleaning cartridges. You insert the head clean cartridges into the printer and print full colour photographs, sending plenty of the flush solution through the jets. This has got to be worth a try if it saves your printer!

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