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Canon Pixma Pro 1 A3+ Printer Review

We have been extremely impressed with Canon's latest Inkjet offerings with the exception of the MP495 and ip2700. The new Canon Pixma Pro 1 A3+ photographic printer is the latest and most expensive model to be added to the range.

Priced at £799, the Pro 1 is no toy, and is aimed at the photo enthusiast who is looking to produce stunning lab quality prints. Using a 12 pigment Ink cartridge system, the Canon Pixma Pro 1 attempts and succeeds in extending the colour gamut of cheaper models using the new Chroma Optimizer. The five monochrome black and white dedicated Inks are designed to eliminate hue and make blacks blacker with a pigment based system. In the past dye inks have been the preferred option for such work, however Canon recognise the advantages of using pigment Ink over dye.

Due to the total weight of the 12 Ink tanks they are not connected to the moving print head. Instead they are positioned at the front of the printer. The Canon Pixma Pro 1 uses the new Canon Number 29 series of cartridges that contain more than twice the capacity of, say the Pro 9500 Inks. With a healthy 36ml of Pigment Ink in each tank, they will not need to be replaced as quite so often. Unfortunately they cost around £30 each, so a complete set retails at over £300. There are currently no compatible or refillable copy versions available and they cannot be refilled due to the use of a smart chip.

The new fine print head offers higher speeds and more nozzles; 12,288 to be precise, and a resolution of 4800 dpi x 2400 dpi. In combination with the real time droplet control employed, the Pro 1 can produce highly professional results!

The Pro 1 comes with simillar software to the older Pro 9500 which includes the Canon Colour Management Pro Tool which allows you to create ICC profiles for different paper media.

The Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer is designed for the photo professional with an eye for detail. The Canon Pixma Pro 1 has a rightful place at the top of the range, but is not intended for a mainstream audience. The average computer user would be advised to purchase the IX6550 for £170 instead.


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