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About Printer News

This website is designed to aid the consumer in making the important decision of what printer to buy that best suits their needs and wallet. In these tough financial times many people are looking for a more cost effective way of printing. Finding the correct solution amongst hundreds of different makes and models can be very confusing. We aim to assist you in this process so that hopefully you will choose the correct printer, and one that you can afford to replenish with Ink.

Printer Ink Cartridge prices vary considerably depending on the model and technology employed. We will never recommend a printer that has high running costs, or the cartridges cannot be refilled. If compatible cartridges are not available for the model then we will downgrade its final score.

Each model of printer offers different features and benefits, some crucial to your daily operation. You will obviously need to select a model that offers the facilities that you require. Printing speed or quality may be important. You may require a printer that offers WiFi or network connectivity, or maybe you require memory card inputs? Some printers offer features that you will never use, so do not get carried away with superficial bells and whistles that offer no benefit to you!

Although it is common practice for consumers to replace their printer every year or two, we at Printer News do not recommend machines that have a shortened service life due to planned obsolescence. We think that printers should keep working until the parts are worn out!

We encourage all reader to gather information about products from a wide range of sources and you should not solely depend on our reviews to formulate an opinion of a product. We are not always right and make mistakes like everyone else.

We hope that you find our website of some use and welcome your opinions as to how it can be improved in the future.



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The opinions expressed in Printer News Website do not necessarily reflect those of the editor. Reviews are based on opinions and readers should gather information about products from a wide range of media in order to get a balanced view. Don't take one persons word for it!