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Printer News Awards 2011
Innovative printing product award 2011
Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kit for refilling HP 301 (XL) Ink Cartridges
Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kit

The winner of our innovative printing product award for 2011 is the Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kit for refilling the Hewlett Packard HP 301 and HP 301XL print cartridges.

There are various refill kits available in the market place today, however we liked this one the most because it offers both black and colour inks (cyan, magenta, yellow), in one pack, as opposed to other brands who sell them separately for twice the price. Of course this was not the only reason for awarding this product...

Because HP 301 cartridges do not contain very much ink, this kit is capable of refilling each cartridge around ten times! The potential annual savings for a printer user can run into several hundred Pounds!

We all know that refilling can be messy if you are not careful. With this kit you get plastic gloves to protect your hands from ink and comprehensive instructions advising you how to perform an easy refill of your cartridge.

The quality of the refill ink is of a high quality and not watered down like some brands tested. Print results are both realistic and pleasing to the eye. Photographic quality does not suffer as a result of using this compatible ink.

A common problem with refilling cartridges with a built-on print head is that nozzles can become blocked or air locks can occur, preventing ink from finding its way onto the paper. This kit comes with a clever suction tool which can re-establish the ink flow so that you can continue to use the cartridge successfully.

Finally the product has been devised and is assembled in the United Kingdom. This is worth noting in times of higher UK unemployment.

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