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Kodak ESP C310 All-in-One Printer Review

Following many television commercials and radio advertisements the general public; albeit a high percentage of them, think that Kodak printers are the cheapest to run and will save them money! Here at Printer News we find this view point to be rather vague and sometimes misleading. Only our opinion for what it is worth!

Strange that when talking to previous and current owners of Kodak printers you can get varied reports of both performance and printing costs. A common complaint can be that the print heads have blocked and the colours are not coming out on to the paper correctly. This problem seems to affect newer printers and well as older used ones. Fortunately Kodak usually offers to replace the print head with a new replacement if the printer is still under warranty.

One of the latest offerings from Kodak is the ESP C310 model. The All-in-One device offers printing, scanning, and copying for an initial purchase price of under £50! Included in the specification is WiFi connectivity with easy set-up (you can also connect with a USB cable), a 3.8cm colour screen, 1200dpi scanner, and a rear paper tray.

The Kodak ESP C310 is modeled closely on the Advent AWP10 but has the advantage of being able to use compatible ink cartridges. The Advent machine can only use original genuine versions from PC World or Curry's. This machine uses Number 30 ink cartridges that are smaller than the Number 10 versions which are used in older or more expensive Kodak printers. They contain less ink and print less pages before they will need to be replaced!

Reading existing printer reviews we find that the print quality on text can be less than crisp but colour reproduction can be good, if not completely accurate. Overall ESP C310 printer seems to score three stars out of five. Not a bad printer but there are better options available.

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