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Canon Pixma IP2700 / IP2702 Printer Review
Canon Pixma iP2700 iP2702 Printer

Right at the bottom of the range of Canon printers lays the Canon Pixma iP2700 / iP2702 single function printers. With a stripped bare design, the no frills budget printer from Canon is simply designed to print from a PC or Mac.

In these times of complicated printers with numerous features, some of which are never needed or used, it is refreshing to find an honest printer that sets out to do just the basics. The Canon Pixma iP2700 and iP2702 (re-badged model) printer does just this; albeit a little slowly at around 3 pages per minute for an A4 text and graphics sheet.

The Canon Pixma iP2700 / iP2702 looks like it has had its jaw bitten off! There is no output tray and paper is just thrown on to the desk. There is also no LCD screen or control panel; instead just a power button and stop printing button. No WiFi, no memory card ports, and of course no scanner or fax.

The iP2700 / iP2702 make a surprisingly good job of photographs when printing in best quality mode using photographic paper. The same cannot be said for test and images in draft mode, which is poor. Standard settings produce acceptable results for this level of printer.

The Canon Pixma iP2700 / iP2702 are an ancestor of older models like the iP1000; a single function machine also lacking a paper output tray! The difference being that the print head was built on to the printer and required just cheap Ink tanks to keep it printing. In contrast the ip2700 and ip2702 use cartridges with built-on print heads that have to be replaced every time, pushing up the running costs considerably. The printer uses a PG-510 Black and CL-511 Colour printer cartridges which cost around £30 per pair. There are also higher capacity versions available (£40 per pair) which contain approximately fifty percent more ink inside. Fortunately these cartridges can be refilled using cartridge specific refill kits that contain Canon compatible Ink. Professional refill kits often contain a suction tool that allows you to pull the ink through the nozzles after refilling, ensuring a consistent flow of Ink. As the cartridges have a small capacity inside we would advise you refill them yourself to avoid regular visits to your local computer shop.

Unless you are a minimalist, there are currently far better equipped printers available for similar money that share the same high running costs. The Canon Pixma iP2700 and iP2702 printers are water carriers for the expensive PG-510 and CL-511 printer cartridges; and as there are no compatible versions available (only refilled genuine cartridges), then the iP2700 / iP2702 becomes an expensive way of printing.

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