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Canon Pixma iP7250 Printer Review
iP7250 Printer

No longer regarded as a 4 series printer, the new Canon Pixma iP7250 budget photo printer takes over from the existing iP4950 machine. Unlike previous editions to the series, this one has something new to offer; i.e. wireless and AirPrint.

The addition of Wi Fi and application support for mobile devices should make a positive difference to sales. In the past prospective purchasers may have been discouraged from buying a predecessor model by the lack of features. Previously the only way of operating the machines was via a USB cable from a PC or Mac. Now with the new Canon Pixma iP7250, users will also be able to interact using a mobile device.

Even though Canon has increased the interface options, there are still no memory card ports or a colour screen to view photographs on. This model is still intended and destined to remain as a printer and nothing else. If you want a scanner and a copier facility then you will need to opt for the MG5450 model instead.

The Canon Pixma iP7250 uses the same print engine as the MG5450, MG6350, and MG8350 printers. They use a new series of cartridges which replace the older 525/526 versions. The new cartridge codes are PGI-550 Pigment Black, CLI-551 Black, CLI-551 Cyan, CLI-551 Magenta, and CLI-551 Yellow. Canon has also introduced more expensive XL versions which contain more than twice the capacity of ink inside. Canon say that using these instead of standard capacity cartridges represents a 30% cost saving.

If you are looking for a stand alone printer for printing photographs, disks, and some documents then the iP7250 makes a sensible buying choice. If you also require a scanner, memory card ports and a colour screen then you should buy the MG5450 instead which uses the same print technology. When the dust settles this could be another award winning printer from Canon. Particularly when cheap compatible cartridges become available.


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